Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Albums of the Year (So Far)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Albums of the Year (So Far)

This is a completely pointless exercise, other than to determine what my favourite album of 2007 is thus far. However, with just over 2 months down and with a staggering amount of influential artists said to be releasing new material this year, this top 10 will undoubtedly change come the end of December. I have decided to include records that have been reviewed here only, mainly because I haven't managed to catch up with some releases as of yet, most notably Do Make Say Think and Arcade Fire.

1. Tobias Lilja : "Time Is On My Side" (n5md)

2. Slow Dancing Society : "The Sound of Lights When Dim" (Hidden Shoal Recordings)

3. Romance of Young Tigers : Self-titled Ep (Self-Released)

4. Solipsism : "Electricity Flows In Squares" (Herb Recordings)

5. Explosions In The Sky : "All of a Sudden, I Miss Everyone" (Temporary Residence)

6. Wes Willenbring : "Somewhere Someone Else" (Hidden Shoal Recordings)

7. SubtractiveLAD : "No Man's Land" (n5md)

8. Sankt Otten : "Wir Koennen ja Freunde Bleiben" (Hidden Shoal Recordings)

9. ((Konntinet)) : "... If Anything Should Happen" (Self-Released)

10. Rubens : "Carnivalesque" (Herb Recordings)


At 07 March, 2007, Anonymous graham said...

i agree - a bit pointless but there's been some gems in only a few weeks and i know i have 3 of my top ten of 07 already. Better still, there's very exciting things to come. I wonder how many of jasper tx's 3 album will be there!

At 07 March, 2007, Blogger ~ism said...

good to see a couple of herbies up there!


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