Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: ((Konntinent)) : "...If Anything Should Happen" (Self-Released)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

((Konntinent)) : "...If Anything Should Happen" (Self-Released)

((Konntinent)), London-based musician Anthony J Harrison, claims to be heavily influenced by Vangelis' "Bladerunner Soundtrack" as a child. He must have studied the tranquil atmospheres contained in the film and conveyed throughout its expansive score, because he has produced an impressive range of compositions on this self-released effort. "..If Anything Should Happen" makes use of ambient textures, drones, lonely sound effects, electronics and muffled drum patterns to create a work that touches all the cornerstones of the best electro-acoustic releases out there.

Other influences can be heard throughout each of the 10 compositions too, with Pan American and Labradford being the most apparent, to these ears at least. However, a look at his blog on his top 50 albums of 2006, suggests Harrison has eclectic tastes.

Which is why it is no surprise that opener "I Tripped and Fell" starts off with a haunting mixture of lonely wind sounds and crackles of hiss, before veering into a Susumu Yokota inspired segment of dampened beats and high-pitched tones. "Nassau Tree" follows and again, a sense of lonliness is apparent. What sounds like an abandonded televsion in the background is augmented by a glistening melody, sombre drones and forlorn acoustic guitar work.

"The Partisan's" pulsing bassline immedaitely gives this track a certain edge over the opening two numbers, while staggered electronics and some distant harmonica sounds are added. This track is so alluring, for a start there is an unbelievable atmosphere all the awy through, and when the Cinematic Orchestra style percussion kicks in, it leaves a real hair standing on the back of the neck moment.

On "It Was Effortless", I could swear the breathy female vocals are courtesy of Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon. Even if this isn't the case, ((Konntinent)) does a good job of revisiting one of his earlier influences, producing a track that could be lifted right from SY's seminal "Evol" album.

While other tracks, such as "A Grace 15", employ a similar unsettling atmosphere, this is by no means a one paced creation. There is plenty of variety contained on this disc. "Nasse" changes tact, angling off into the expansive cinematic territories usually occupied by Deaf Center. "Paco's Reverie", meanwhile, expands on Fridge's cut-up piano blueprint, augmenting it with filmic distortion and lulling strings.

Ending things with "Primary/Tertiary", ((Konntinent)) provides, arguably, his most beautiful moment. It is as illuminative as anything Labradford has laid their hand to, floating past gently in a cloud of ambient distortion.

What surprises me about about ((Konntinent)) is the fact he is unsigned, there must surely be some record label interest. The music contained on "... If Anything..." shows immense talent. It would be wrong to say that there is potential to fill, as it seems ((Konntinent)) has already arrived at the his perfect sound.

Rating = 85 %

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At 11 February, 2007, Blogger ParaRecs said...

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At 11 February, 2007, Blogger ParaRecs said...

Big fan of Konntinent, I have a similar CD with a lot of those songs on and it never left my player for a good while. Nice, insightful review, well done.


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