Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: New Dandelion Council Release

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Monday, February 05, 2007

New Dandelion Council Release

I first posted about The Dandelion Council a little while ago, the Californian based musician even donated an mp3. It seems that Archaic Horizon Records, a netlabel, has released his brand new album, "The Mysteries of Bioluminescence", and its totally free.

Press Release

Pip Craighead lives in Altadena, California, in close proximity to mountains. This relationship to the natural world has shaped the music of the Dandelion Council. As mysterious and unknown as our world can be, Pip has bent light towards us and given us a guided adventure into the worlds phenomena.

"Waitomo Cave" is a trip through a prehistoric grotto where the glowworms dangle from the ceiling and flutter like the stars. The songs is structured like a journey to the cave, rhythmic and progressive from the start, fading into a dreamy, peaceful atmosphere. Also, hidden references to religion can be found in many of his songs like "Mystery Play" and "Driving Toward the Mountain" where a beautiful voice sings "zion".

Extra focus has been made on giving many of the songs a distinct lo-fi sound. Pip describes it as "tape decay" and it represents the sonic degradation over time. This fuzzy warm feeling can be a subtle reminder of mortality in nature.

Archaic Horizon proudly welcomes the Dandelion Council to the label with his intimate, thoughtful, and mastered exploration of sound. Download it here.

"Waitomo Cave" mp3 - The Dandelion Council

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