Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Electronica #1

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Electronica #1

Ever since Radiohead released "Kid A" in 2000 and started refrencing artists suc as Autechre, I have been intrigued by the wonderful world of electronica. This is a world were code is the conductor and a laptop is the instrument. Some of today's most innovative musicians cand be found here, creating new textures and experimenting with sounds. Maybe in centures to come the likes of Aphex Twin, will be hailed as a classical composer much like the way we do now, with Wagner, Beethoven and Bach.

Ever since 2000 and with each electronic release I have bought, I have been delving deeper into this intriguing genre. Don't get me wrong, ther are so many sub-divisions and some of them aren't for me. These posts are designed to introduce you to some of the new breed of electronica artists and hopefully will become a regular occurance. This marks the first post and there are four mp3's to download from four differing but essentially quality musicians.


Will Travel

Will Travel was born in Sweden in 2005 with a burning desire to create melancholic dance music for headphones. Influenced equally by the folk stylings of 'Bonnie' Prince Billy and Canadian electronic experimentalists Polmo Polpo, Will Travel has released just one CD-R so far.

Positive responses from various record labels have prompted him to record a new album, which is mostly written and due to be recorded this coming Winter. He comes highly recommended by n5md artist Last Days.

For now, though, enjoy an mp3 of "Bless, Bless" below. This track will give you the same thrill as you got, when you heard Boards of Canada for the first time. Three differing beats can be heard, almost out of sync, yet Will Travel somehow makes it sound cohesive and adds waves of hazy, melodic noise, making this the ultimate in chillout Electronica.

"Bless, Bless" mp3 - Will Travel
The Dandelion Council
It has been said that the original master tapes of The Dandelion Council were found underneath an ancient oak tree in the San Gabriel mountains of California. Wherever this music comes from, it must be a magical place.
The Dandelion Council is the work of one Pip Craighead, along with a select band of friends providing voices and instrumentation. He is influenced by a number of artists from Boards of Canada and Manual in the electronic world, to the likes of NickDrake and Enya, as well as certain pop songs in other contemporary genres.
The music is recorded using lo-fi techniques giving an intimate feel, much like that of anb old cassette that has been played too many times. "Best Friends Forever" is as anthemic as the music of electronic pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre. Along with the intoxicating melody, this track is is capped off with and array of inspired beats that would make Richard D. James himself proud. Expect a debut album to follow soon.
"Best Friends Forever" mp3 - The Dandelion Council
So far the tracks of Will Travel and The Dandelion Council have represented the softer, more gentler side of electronica. One of my favourite aspects of this genre, however, is how dark and sinister it can sound.

Enter British Columbia's, Electrokinesia, this is Acid House at its best.
Imagine Aphex Twin circa "Selected Ambient Works" merged with the cutting edge programming of Astrobotnia and you are only getting half the picture.
Electrokinesia's Aelfric Michael Avery has been producing music since 1987, spanning 8 albums, 2 ep's and a slew of singles. The multi-instrumentalist is most famous his re-workings of ancient European folk music, under the moniker of Aelfric.
But for "The Four Ages of Mirthas", this is unquestionably IDM, staright out of the Rephlex textbook.
Vic Spanner
Vic Spanner will be known to regular readers of this site, following reviews of his previous genre-blurring efforts. The sheer volume of styles this man can get through, is almost frighteing. His constant shifts will always keep you second guessing,as to what he is going to do next.
A Big-Beat track can soon be turned into a Richie Hawtin-esque beat-fest, in the blink of an eye. But don't be suprised if it all ends with acoustic folk strumming. If Mr Spanner was a footballer, he would be Ronaldinho, always looking to innovate, and operating in a completely different plain from his peers.
He has prepared an exclusive track for this post. "Current (V1)" should be included on his forthcoming "Microtheft" release, and Spanner has christened this style, Evil House. If you add together his work as Vic Spanner with his output from his Bonehill project, what we have here is a prolific artist that takes all the great elements of Electronica and mixes it into one big crazy potion.
Oh, and did I mention, "Current (V1)" is easily one of the most relentlessly harshest tracks I have ever had the pleasure of listening to,
"Current (V1)" mp3 - Vic Spanner


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