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Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Friday, August 18, 2006

About Me

Following on from my post on my city, Glasgow, I thought it would be a good idea to get some of my musical influences and thoughts out there. I got this from reading a regular article in Uncut Magazine, where they ask famous musicians about records that shaped their life!.

The First Record I ever Bought

"Appetite For Destruction" /Guns N'Roses

Bought this when I was 7 or 8 years old. My Dad was always into rock music, so I never stood a chance of liking anything else. G N'R were the coolest, most dangerous band on the planet back in 1989.

Songs That Remind Me of My Childhood

"Going Gets Tough" / Billy Ocean

This is where things can get quite embarrasing. I can vividly remember watching Billy Ocean on Top of The Pops.

First Record I Remember Dancing To

"Do The Bartman" / The Simpsons

Again not a very clever choice. Isn't all bad because The Simpsons is the greatest TV show on earth.

Records That Changed Your Life

1. "Nevermind" / Nirvana

An obvious choice, but this is 100% true. Bought this the day after seeing "In Bloom" on MTV. I would say it saved me from the dodgy road of 80's metal. Probably haven't listened to this in 5 years. But when I do, it will all come flooding back.

2. "Kid A" / Radiohead

I have been a major Radiohead fan for years upon years. But with "Kid A", the band branched out into the avant-garde world, and in turn, influenced me to seek out more obscure releases. This album ignited my interest in electronica.

Songs That Get You Ready For A Night Out

Anything by the Chemical Brothers, who have been played repeatedly anytime I go on holiday to Greece, Spain etc. Also, Rage Against The Machine never fails to get me going too.

Best Song You've Heard In A Club

"Neighbourhood (Tunnels)" / Arcade Fire

Heard this in the Mod Club in Toronto, when I lived there, and it just all seemed to click. Insanely catchy and the club had the greatest sound system I've ever heard. Arcade Fire were just breaking big, and it is just a wonderful track that brings back great memories.

Last Albums You Bought

"Derwent Waters Saint" / Joe Volk
" Born Into Trouble..." / A Silver Mt Zion
"The Descent Of Everest" / The Ascent of Everest
"Ticket Crystals" / Bardo Pond
"Branches and Routes"/ Fat Cat Records Sampler
"Downtown Sound" / The Two Gunslingers

What is Your Favourite album

Utterly impossible to say. But I will give you my favourite current album. "Flares" by Port-Royal. Read about them when I was in Toronto, the review made them sound brilliant. I couldn't afford to buy it there, as money was vey tight. But I bought it within weeks of arrivivng home. To say I wasn't disappointed is an under-statement. It sends shivers down my spine everytime I listen to it and I cannot wait to see these guys live.


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