Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Glasgow

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Sunday, August 06, 2006


I've being posting here now for just over a month and am enjoying it immensely. However, it has dawned of me I have not said anything about my home. As you may have gathered, I am from Glasgow, which is Scotland's biggest city. I'm going to be quite lazy and let wikipedia fill you in on the history of the city and instead post on things that are of interest to me.

Volcanic Tongue

First up, a friend emailed me about this place last week. I don't know why I have never heard of it because it looks like a great record shop, that also has an online facility. It specialises in underground music at fairly reasonable prices. The website also has good columns by contributors here and an excellent tip of the tongue section, that pays attention to obscure releases.

Bar Bloc

If you are coming to Glasgow for a visit, and find yourself in need of a cold alcoholic beverage, then you should stop in at Bloc. This bar has been about for a while, but seems to be going through some sort of overhaul. I recently saw Yndi Halda play an excellent set there and Saturday nights host a very good electronic music night, that attracts a good crowd. Go here to see their listings. But I must warn you, they have inexplicably chosen a Wet Wet Wet song(Glasgow's worst band of all time) as their theme tune. But they do support local bands incessantly and are giving established venues King Tut's and Nice 'n Sleazy's a run for their money.

The Skinny

To find out what is coming up around Glasgow and sometimes Edinburgh, I usually read The Skinny. This is a monthly guide and review magazine that does not miss a beat. At just ten issues old the magazine can be found in most bars and is completely free. It is also worth visiting their website, if you are an overseas reader, because the review section is pretty good. They are also looking for help in writing reviews. So if you are from Glasgow or Edinburgh and fancy a crack at writing get in contact with them.

The Lighthouse

If you fancy checking out an exhibition a good place to go is The Lighthouse. Tucked into one of Glasgow's many small lanes in the city centre, The Lighthouse offers a variety of exhibitions. The current exhibit is of Marcel Breuer who invented tubular steel for furniture. So this is a must for Ikea fans.


You can't say anything about Glasgow without mentioning its greatest musical export. Most people know of Mogwai, but if you haven't seen them live, you've pretty much not lived. I've lost count how many times I've witnessed their spectacular show over the last ten years or so. One memorable time, was in The Arches last year, when it was so loud that I couldn't hear properly for the next three days. They are incredible live act and they helped to define the post-rock genre.

Glasgow Celtic

Finally, I must finish this post with one of the love's of my life. Celtic are a Scottish Football (Soccer) team with Irish heritage. I've supported them ever since I can remember and have travelled far to follow them. A supporters club can be found in just about every city in the world. I know for a fact there are 11 club's in Canada alone (I was a member of the Toronto branch) and there is definitely one in Dubai. It might seem quite trivial to love a sport's team so much, but tell that to the millions of supporters around the world.


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