Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: What Boomkat Is Saying....

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Monday, April 09, 2007

What Boomkat Is Saying....

It's the Easter holidays and this is what Boomkat recommends....

"Hibernaculum" - Earth

Earth mainman Dylan Carlson is better known as the man who allegedly bought the shotgun that Kurt Cobain committed suicide with. Tragic circumstances asides, he also serves as the lead guitarist of Seattle drone rockers Earth and their brand new "Hibernaculum" LP is album of the week over at Boomkat:

"The next chapter in Earth's revitalised story and, interestingly it sees the band re-visiting some of their old classics and bringing them up to date..."

It's also worth mentioning that the mighty Autechre have been drafted in for remixing duties too.



"Burning Of Impurites" - Grails

Following on from th astounding "Black Tar Prophecies" Grails are back, Boomkat says "..this is rock-folk (not folk rock) and by injecting it with a keen knowledge of classic metal, the band have procured for themselves a distinct sound.."


"Farval Falkenberg" - Erik Enocksson

Friends have been raving about this Erick Enocksson album, a gorgeous soundtrack to the Swedish film Farval Falkenberg. A must for fans of Jasper TX, boomkat urges us to "close the doors and lock yourself inside, this is personal... music to fall in and out of love to..."


"Altar" - Boris & Sunn0)))

I bought this on a trip to Toronto last year and it became one of my favourite purchases of the year. Sunn0))) and Boris are two of the most intense bands on the planet and combined to create this masterpiece. It's now available for the not so cheap price of £29.99 on heavy duty triple vinyl. This album is worth buying for the track "Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep)" alone.

"Altar is truly one of the most stunning albums you're likely to hear this year, which should serve to redefine a genre"


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At 09 April, 2007, Anonymous graham said...

I can't imagine how anything will sound better to me this year or possibly next year than the Farväl Falkenberg soundtrack, if i can be arsed i might do a review to explain why.


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