Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Triptych Round-Up

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Triptych Round-Up

It says a lot about the passion of Kling Klang, that they contributed one of the best performances of this year's Triptych Festival. From out of nowhere, the Liverpool four-piece stole the show from their more illustrious counterparts with a performance that was equal parts invention and energy. There was something novel about their set-up, consisting of 3 synthesizers and drums, while their sound is a unique mix of stoner rock sludge and Kraftwerk style electro. The drummer was, quite frankly, fantastic while some of the monsterous guitar riffs had the walls rattling. Most impressive, though, was the sheer passion of this young band as their label boss, Stuart Braithwaite, looked on proudly.

65 Days of Static are unbelievebly talented musicians, there can be no doubting that. Some of the rythmns the drummer was pounding out were outrageoeus. An inventive blend of glitch electronica and precise post-rock, they sound something like a collaboration between Mogwai and Aphex Twin. It was all remarkably impressive at the start. Things, however, got a bit tedious towards the end with the band relying on the same formula throughout the whole set. Not a particularly bad thing, but a little more variety could have propelled this performance to a higher standard. Having said that, they certainly know how to channel the enormous amounts of energy they project and I can see why people swear by 65 DOS. They are certainly a different kettle of fish, but perhaps they suffer from trying to cram too much of a good thing into the one set.

While both 65 DOS and Kling Klang were certainly exciting, the same cannot be said about The Cinematic Orchestra. A performance that would cure even the most extreme cases of insomnia, everything was carefully measured and, therefore, soulless. The musicianship was impeccable, but this was a problem. It left you almost praying for a mistake, a sense of a human touch. But at £18 per ticket, I left feeling that listening to the CD rather than going to see The Cinematic Orchestra live, would have been a better option. Considering they have a new album to promote, this was one lacklustre (and boring) show.

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At 07 May, 2007, Blogger Alan said...

'... perhaps they suffer from trying to cram too much of a good thing into the one set'

I think these guys are fantastic, but I'd say the same about their new album.


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