Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Triptych Festival : David Pajo and Alexander Tucker Live @ The Classic Grand

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Triptych Festival : David Pajo and Alexander Tucker Live @ The Classic Grand

Despite the universal critical accalim. Despite the fact that the album has been getting heavy rotation on my Ipod. And despite the fact they are widely regarded as the best band to come out of Glasgow for some time. I ,inexplicably, managed to miss The Twilight Sad's set at last night's Triptych Festival performance. Poor stuff, so I can't tell you if they deserve your attention!.

Thankfully though, I didn't miss Alexander Tucker, who defintely does deserve your attention. Words cannot do this guy justice as his brand of hypntoic, looped instrumentation and booming vocals is immense. The last time I caught him live, I was more than slightly drunk. So I was pleased to get some confirmation that my judgement isn't really clouded by alcohol. My fillings were actually rattling during one song, as Tucker switched between distorted and acoustic guitar recording each part, looping it and then playing something new over it. The end result is one huge, monolithic cloud of sound.

For those people that weren't talking during a frightfully shy performance by Slint mainman David Pajo, they were treated to a collection of gentle and melancholic songs. Using an unbelievebly beautiful guitar and what can only described as foot bells (he had 10 or 11 bells on the ground that made a glockenspiel sound when pressed down by his foot), Pajo half-whispered and half-mumbled his way through some gorgeous moments. Although slightly one-paced, there was something captivating about his peformance that kept most people's attention towards the stage. Except, one girl behind me, who obviously paid the £10 entry fee for the banter alone. She talked to her friends as if she would never see them again. Shame really, because she missed an interesting performance from Pajo. But former Arab Strap frontman, Aiadn Moffat, seemed to enjoy it. I'm just hoping there will be NO talking at all when Slint come to play The Barrowlands.

On a side note, tomorrow night I'm hoping to catch a bit of the much-hyped 65 Days Of Static, Kling Klang's performance and some of Stuart Braithwaite's DJ Set, before heading off to see the Cinematic Orchestra.

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