Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Some (very unexpected) News

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some (very unexpected) News

A triple whammy of sorts, straight form the horses mouths. There was me thinking it was impossible for 2007 to get any better:

Last Days

"Ok, over 2 months without an update isn't great but there's little info to share. At the last count I had 49 minutes of new music worth hearing, most of it is finished and a couple of tracks are still in demo form. At this time i would predict that it will be complete by the end of June at the latest but I'm aiming for the end of May. Artwork is being produced as I type.

In about 4 weeks, or when i'm clearer about the final tracklisting I'll put 1 or 2 new tracks up on the last days myspace.

One of the new tracks called 'Points Bridge' will appear on a forthcoming compilation, more about that when I get the go ahead to talk about it!"
(via Graham Richardson aka Last Days)

There's a new Last Days interview with Foggy Nations Magazine, but it is eerily like the one I conducted.

Sigur Ros

I never believed those Sigur Ros rumours, until this was posted on the SR message board:

"the band has recorded and mixed "Rokklagið", "Lagið í gær", (new version of)"Von" and "Salka" but these songs will not be included on the next album. instead, they will appear on an EP to be released (tentatively) later this year. the band wants to build the next album on a clean slate instead of mixing together old and new songs.

I think this is going to make a fucking great EP... three of the band's most conventional basic instrument "rock" songs and then the sugarsweet "Von" in between.....
" (via the moderator of the Sigur Ros Message Board)

Just in case you forgot how wonderful they are.


John Xela announced this on the Type Recordings Message Board last night:

"Okay I thought I might break some news to you... the long awaited followup to Helios' "Eingya" is finally here - it's a 6 track (30 minute) EP called 'Ayres' and it's going to be out in early July on CD and very limited vinyl (the LP version of Eingya sold out most stores in about 4 weeks...). As some of you might know it's quite a progression from "Eingya" and I'm really excited about it indeed. More news soon and maybe some sound samples." (via John Xela)

The progression he is talking about, might or might not be be the tracks you can listen to here.

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