Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Myppa : "Altruistic Behaviours" (Herb Recordings)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Myppa : "Altruistic Behaviours" (Herb Recordings)

Following on from Zerova, Martin Czajka is another Polish import from Herb. Recording under the moniker, Myppa, he creates organic electronic music that delights with it's child-like nature and simplicity. Each of the nine tracks on "Altruistic Behaviours" are perfectly crafted slices of electronica that employs looped vocals (that recall Sigur Ros), colourful melodies and innovative rythmns.

The album's title track comes across like Sigur Ros clashing with the playful nature of Khonnor, while "Gydppa's" combination of a heart-warming melody, innocent samples and gorgeous string arrangements is magical. The seven minute long "Ledesma", meanwhile, points to an Album Leaf influence, with a stuttering rythmn and hazy tones that builds eventfully for its duration, before subsiding into the next track, "Kindergarten".

"Kindergarten", itself, is the album's best track and is a little surprising given the playful nature throughout the rest of "Altruistic Behaviours". A slow moving ambient passage, that consists of ethereal drones and some chiming sounds, it's repetitive nature will soon cast a hypntoic spell over the listener. Giving a rather tranquil impression to the end of this album.

"Altruistic Behaviours" is another lovely release from Herb Recordings, its childlike naivety is part of Myppa's charm and has you wondering if Martin Czajka really is that little cartoon child on the cover of the album.

Rating - 78%


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