Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: From The Sky : "Like Crystal In A World Of Glass" Ep (Sound Devastation Records)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

From The Sky : "Like Crystal In A World Of Glass" Ep (Sound Devastation Records)

Sound Devastation have a potentially fantastic band on their hands, in the shape of The Pirate Ship Quintet. There's a real sense of invention about that particular 7-piece collective. The same, however, cannot be applied to labelmates From The Sky.

There's nothing particularly wrong with their 5-track "Like Crystal In A World Of Glass" Ep. "There Are Ghosts In The Glass", for example, packs a real emotional punch, as the band pile on the layers of distortion. While, "Someone To Remember" is a slow-buring epic of a track, featuring lovely cascading guitar lines before it all ends with some spectacular percussion crashes.

But in all reality, Mogwai were doing this much better, way back in the mid-90's. Some of the music seems a little forced, where as Mogwai can let things flow organically. In fact, their sound mirrors that of another early post-rock band called South Pacific. There aren't any real memorable moments on this Ep and this has left me wondering if I will ever go back to it again. Granted poor production doesn't do From The Sky any favours. The empty sound probably hinders "When The Sun Sets The Cloud On Fire". I'll bet that this is show-stopper when played live, but on this ep it's impact is minimal.

Overall, it is disappointing for a band that on occasions displays talent. Had From The Sky been a schoolchild instead of a post-rock quartet, then their teacher would be reprimanding them for copying other people's work. Must do better.

Rating - 60%


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