Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Celer - "Ariill" (Archaic Horizon Records)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Friday, April 06, 2007

Celer - "Ariill" (Archaic Horizon Records)

This is the latest offering from the relatively new Archaic Horizons Netlabel and it comes from Californian duo Celer (pronounced "Sle"). Influenced by the likes of Brian Eno, John Cage, Arvo Part and Wendy Carlos , their rolling soundscapes are suitable for fans of Marsen Jules and Wolfgang Voigt. Both compositions last over the half hour mark and were created on piano then filtered through 'triangular synthesis'.

Press Release

"Celer's "Ariill" was a beginning point for the two artists to produce original, melancholic music with a geometric and technical approach, at many times allowing the machines to compose on its own without previous sound examination. Originating from improvisational piano sonatas, the husband and wife duo performed their entire pieces on the piano, allowing the keys to float into their triangular sound setup, and in the end, produce a result that makes sound appear as if it is actually standing upright.

In the first self-titled track, Celer present the definition of their experiment. To understand this procedure the listener must think of a typical music track to be flowing from left to right, such as starting at 0:00 and continuing to the end, from left to right, just as is always displayed by any typical music player. From this point, at the end of the recording, the listener must think of the track being 'pulled upright' from the center. This is how it was originally recorded. The original beginning and ending are now indistinguishable in the center of the track, and the current beginning and ending finally only resemble each other.

The second self-titled track shows Celer demonstrating a continuous mix of shorter experiments, all having unknown geometrical shapes, flowing effortlessly into each other.

The entire release can also be enjoyed while reading the poetry written by Dani, which can be viewed here on the album art. In addition to the poetry Celer has provided a diagram to help understand their unique (recording) process."


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At 06 April, 2007, Anonymous twoism2 said...

Cool little netlabel. Thanks for the heads up!


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