Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Zerova : "I Think We've Lost" (Herb Recordings)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Zerova : "I Think We've Lost" (Herb Recordings)

Zerova, a Polish quartet, relocated from the pressures of city life to the more rural surroundings of the Polish countryside in Bialystock to record this rather tremendous album. Formed after seeing Mum perform in 2003, Zerova create music much like their Icelandic heroes, but also bring their own unique Eastern European flavour. Laid-back guitar work, pitter patter beats, hazy vocals and glacial keyboard tones combine to make music that sounds like it has been created by little furry creatures, rather than human beings.

I have to be honest here and mention the fact that I could not get past opener "Fukka'jo" the first time I heard this album. It is so infectious that I must have hit the repeat button at least 50 times and this one is easily the most played track on my Itunes. Thae large wave of distorted guitar around the 3 minute mark is magical and works brilliantly with the spluttering beats.

Touching on genres such as post-rock, glitch, electronica and ambient music "I Think We've Lost" is an imaginative and compelling release. There is a certain innocence about the way "Drift" unfolds with understated beats and sweet clarinet notes. Elsewhere, "Unnamed Place" makes use of hazy Khonnor-esque vocals and beats that are so delicate, that they sound like milk bottles clinking together. In fact, the programming throughout is particularly innovative and it is merged with soft electronic notes to give a remarkably polished, but lo-fi sound.

It's difficult to pick a stand-out track, all ten are of the same quality. It might be the inventive bubble-beats of "Today I've Passed The Barn" that catches your attention or the driving Indietronica of "You Won't". But each track is almost irresistable and the result is this exuberant little album. I could easily go on about other tracks such as the beautiful "Crickets" or the chirpy "Water House", but in keeping with the tone of the music of "I Think We've Lost", I'll keep it short and sweet. Just order this album.

Rating - 90%

"Fukka'jo" mp3 - Zerova

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At 15 March, 2007, Anonymous Anto said...

I bought this album after you posted "Unnamed place" a while ago.

Totally agree with you, it's a stunning album.

At 15 March, 2007, Blogger ~ism said...

another album we can't wait to have out on full CD release within the next few months. It deserves a good punt. It's about to be mastered by Dextro (Groenland Records), the same guy who mastered Carnivalesque for Rubens. Should polish off a little gem.


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