Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Who Needs SXSW?

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Friday, March 16, 2007

Who Needs SXSW?

When you can witness.....

The Second Coming of christ. tonight at the 13th Note for tronic (preview from Miso)

christ. - initially involved in the hexagon sun project with michael sandison and marcus eoin (Boards of Canada), christopher horne has moved on to produce music under the moniker christ. (easily offended christians please note its short for christopher, not the son of god). producing the 'pylonesque ep' in 2002 and following this up with the superb metamorphic reproduction miracle album the next year, christ. made a massive impact on the electronic scene both in scotland and on the international stage. taking his live set as far a-field as japan, switzerland, france, finland and the sonar festival (barcelona, spain). christ has also been one of the select group of artists to play for john peel at maida vale (twice due to mr peels rare request for an encore). playing out his material from his new album (blue shift emissions) at tronic, you will hear electronica straight out the top drawer this march. mr horne will be taking the stage at approx. 10:00 pm and if you see anyone this month at tronic, this is the act.

edge of the map - an electronic artist that was surrounded in mystery, when he took to the stage, for the tronic album launch last year. a talented musician, who swapped guitar strings for that of synth strings, had never played live under the name 'eotm' before and really stunned everyone that witnessed his live set that night. instantly you can't help being drawn to the warm, deep ambience he creates and driving layered beats, keep his sound flowing, mapping out synthscapes and beautiful musical patterns. influences from the likes of steve reich to underworld are apparent in this electronic wizard's style, thus being the perfect opening act on a great night of electronic music.

keser - have recently had their debut album 'esoteric escape' released by edinburgh based label 'alex tronic records', to which many good things have been said. "there is something rarefied about this ambitious beauty" comparisons made to 'boards of canada' and 'mogwai' are justified, as keser's sound has a beautiful, ethereal depth to it, taking the listener on a hypnotic flight through their utopian world. the escapism starts with delicate ambient strings washed over faint vocals and samples. when live, keser have a dynamic energy full of distorted guitar and crunchy beats backed by some imposing visuals, in all promising to be the perfect support to christ. proving yet again, what exceptional eletronica is out there in scotland waiting to be heard.

dee mond - works under his own label 'pyrate music' and has been at the forefront of the techno/electro scene in edinburgh for many years. an influential dj, normally mixing and mashing up all various styles of dance music - forming his own unique blend of elektrotech. dee mond has fine tuned all musical knowledge and production skills into his music and energetic live sets. having also previously released two albums and just recently his new 12" ep 'dee mond', this electronic producer will undoubtedly get the exposure he deserves.
dee mond will end the night, quite fittingly we feel as this electronic demon is sure to leave his mark on the tronic scene

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