Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Textura Returns

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Textura Returns

After a short period on the sidelines, the wonderful Textura monthly webzine has returned with a fanatastic issue featuring in-depth label profiles of the wonderful Dynamophone and the equally superb, Hidden Shoal. Furthermore, there are a number of reveiws that have featured here. As well as an extensive look at the latest Dynamophone releases, reviews of Explosions In The Sky, Tobias Lilja, Arc Lab, SubtractiveLAD and Ölvis can be found there.

But of particualr interest here, is the colourful descriptions and mp3's of Wes Willenbring, Slow Dancing Society and Sankt Otten from the Hidden Shoal catalogue. All three albums are strong contenders for my end of year list and are most definitely worth checking out. The following paragraphs and mp3's can be found at the excellent Textura, along with some samples from the likes of A Lily, Pornopop, Stars of the Lid and Pole:

Sankt Otten (Textura Review)

Sankt Otten's "Wir koennen ja Freunde bleiben" emerges from its dark opening moments, casts its gaze upon the open plains and ponders the surrounding expanse as guitars both sing a soft lullaby and build into slow-burning swells.

Sankt Otten: "Wir koennen ja Freunde bleiben"

Slow Dancing Society (Textura Review)

In "The Delicate Sound of Silence," Drew Sullivan coaxes a fragile and stately beauty from a modest collection of whistling tones, voice samples, and guitar flutter. Sullivan masterfully shapes the material into a captivating ambient setting that comes as close as possible to translating a most peaceful sleep state into aural form.

Slow Dancing Society: "The Delicate Sound of Silence"

Wes Willenbring (Textura Reveiw)

The San Francisco-based Willenbring generates alluring vignettes from a base palette of piano and guitars, blurring the lines between them until the reverberant product of their union drifts like a slow-motion plume of smoke through the quietude of an empty cathedral

Wes Willenbring: "Sometimes"

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