Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Hauschka

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Monday, March 26, 2007


Look in your record collection and it is more than likely that you will own at least one album from the Fat Cat catalogue. The UK label has an oustanding reputation for releasing some of the most innovative and emotive music over the last decade or so. From Animal Collective, through Mum and to Sigur Ros, Fat Cat has an illustrious history.

Hauschka is one of their latest signings and is the work of German composer, Volker Bertelmann. Much like his labelmate, Max Richter, Bertelmann's music involves the exploration of the piano in and around a classical structure. However, where as Richter creates lush, expansive soundscapes, Bertelmann prefers to 'manipulate' his instrument in a variety of unique ways.

Unique sounds are created by employing techniques such as wedging the piano strings with leather, felt and rubber or placing corks on the strings. Bertelmann stetches out notes and tones by preparing the piano hammers with aluminium foil and 'weaving guitar strings around the piano's guts'.

Such innovation led to "Room To Expand", released on February 19th 2007, through Fat Cat. A rare experiment in modern music, expanding on the template of classical piano, melding it with cutting edge sound manipulation. This release was also given album of the week over at Boomkat.

"Lipstick Race" mp3 - Hauschka

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