Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: 4 of a Kind - March

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Monday, March 05, 2007

4 of a Kind - March

This post was initially meant to be a monthly event, but I kind of got side-tracked with end of year lists and album reviews. However, I have decided it is time for it to resurface and have collected together exclusive (and legal) mp3's from four very talented artists who, in their respective fields, are producing some excellent music. There is one common thread between these artists though, they all operate with the same degree of emotion.


A member of Scotland's Benbecula collective, Talkingmakesnosense is the work of Dom Dixon. Influenced by the likes of Labradford, Mogwai and the Constellation bands, he creates sounds that are instantly compelling and highly emotive. These "experiments" are based around sounds generated from computers, analogue tape and a number of acoustic and electronic instruments. Loose reference points include the organic sounds of n5md's SubtractiveLAD. The mp3 below is taken from his limited edition CD-R, "Surroundings" which has been described as a "warm flowing album with plenty of emotive qualities". Dixon is also a member of Genaro and is currently recording a debut for Benbecula Records under this guise, as well as recording a follow up to "Surroundings".

"Subtract The Sky" mp3 - Talkingmakesnosense.


The strangely named GP~00 hails from the United Kingdom and his minimalist approach to making music ensures that it is an intriguing listen. Taking his cues from the likes of Earth, JK Broadrick and The Tribes of Neurot, the artist also known as Adam W. Flynn, merges his slow-burning sound with some melancholic guitar work reminiscent of Radiohead's later work. He also has a novel approach to recording and perfecting the right sound, in some cases using strong fans to oscilate the strings of several guitars (which are equipped with different guages). This in turn creates a "mini 3-piece guitar orchestra" that complement the brooding drones and hypnotic soundscapes. Flynn has now completely abandoned synths and computer based programmes, in favour of manipulating instruments and experimenting with sounds. Around the 3 minute mark of "Trains" (mp3 below) it will all become clear, this is one talented individual. His forthcoming album, entitled "i" is expected to contain minimalist guitar driven pieces that range from light to very dark. For more information see his record label Forgotten Empire.

"Trains" mp3 - GP~00

Innocent Civilian

Possibly named after that infamous fake Radiohead track that surfaced on the web a couple of years ago, Innocent Civilian is the solo project of Eerie Days' Espen Ludvisgen. Based in Oslo, Norway, "Flown" grabbed my attention immediately upon hearing it on myspace. Ludvigsen's vocals recall Thom Yorke both in tone and production. Listen to the way the different harmonies float together and merge to create this calm, reflective track. Claiming to be influenced equally by the Norweigen landscape, the aurora borealis and "world leaders playing with their toys", Innocent Civilian will appeal to fans of Radiohead, Stars of the Lid and The White Birch.

"Flown" mp3 - Innocent Civilian


Regular readers here will know I have been a fan of Engine7 for a while now, his "Hope Street" ep was one of the first reviews I attempted for this site, while I have tried to get along to as many of his live shows as possible. Having developed his dark and gritty style of organic electronica by cutting his teeth at netlabel level (12rec and Legogo), late last year the ever-impressive Herb Recordings saw his potential. The result is "Me, But Perfect", two years in the making and with each beat and each chiming tone strategically placed, this album deserves to propel Engine7 into the limelight. Encompassing shoegaze, ambient, downtempo and electronica the amount of variety on the album is staggering. Minor issues aside (artwork etc) Herb are almost ready to release this little gem. In the meantime, Engine7 hasn't forgotten his roots and has contributed this exclusive remix of, 12rec contemporary, Crepusculum's "Anachronism".

"Anachronism" (Engine7 Twilight Mix)mp3 - Engine7/Crepusculum

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At 07 March, 2007, Blogger ~ism said...

e7's new album is probably my highlight of the year so far...absolutely love it to bits. exceptional talent. can't wait to have it out on full CD release through Herb.


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