Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: 120 Minutes

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Saturday, March 31, 2007

120 Minutes

Before last night, I can't remember the last time I sat down to watch MTV. Gone are the glory days of shows like Ray Cokes, Alternative Nation and Headbangers Ball. Instead, we are lumped with Zane Lowe and his annoying accent (and questions) and NME charts. Even the institution that is 120 Minutes has shunted to the small hours of the morning on MTV2. Easily the best show MTV has to offer, last night's viewing offered songs by Minotaur Shock, Juana Molina, M83 and Schneider TM. Not exactly media-freindly music, but far more interesting nontheless. A couple of videos caught my attention and are definitely worth checking out.

Kling Klang : "Heavydale" (Rock Action Records)

First up, is Liverpool based 'future rockers', Kling Klang. Signed to the Mogwai owned Rock Action Records, I love this mix of Black Sabbath guitars and psychedelic Kraftwerk synths. I always remember Mogwai saying they would only sign bands that didn't sound like them, well Kling Klang sound like no-one else. I'll be checking them out during the Triptych Festival.

Cornelius : "Fit Song" (Warner)

I've actually heard better from Japanese virtuoso, Cornelius, than "The Fit Song", especially on his colourful 2001 album "Point". But the promo video for this is tremendous and definitely the product of having a major label budget at his disposal.

Kings Of Leon : "On Call" (RCA)

You may find this is a surprising inclusion, considering what I normally listen to. But, you can't beat a bit of classic, melodic rock'n roll, especially when it is done in such a perfect way. This Kings of Leon track reminds me slightly of The Pixies, especially that thumping bassline and is taken from their new album "Because Of The Times"

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