Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Vessels Live @ O'Henry's, Glasgow 24/02/07

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Vessels Live @ O'Henry's, Glasgow 24/02/07

O'Henry's, in the heart of Glasgow's city centre, isn't a venue I would normally consider for live music. But, its low roof, miniscule 'stage' and low-key lighting gives it a certain charm. Vessels ensured they used the venue's atmosphere to their advantage throughout a very succesful night for the young band.

I missed the opening band Grozny, but judging by their myspace profile they enjoy a good scream, jangly guitars and off-kilter rythmns. I did catch next act Piano Bar Fight. This was a good thing, their frontman posseses a Morrisey-esque baritone and it is soundtracked by urgent, chopy and jerky instrumentation. There's a decent bit of potential there and Piano Bar Fight are certainly one of the more interesting bands to emerge from Glasgow's underground.

Most regular readers of this site will be aware of Vessels by now. Signed to Cuckundoo Records, their last ep seemed to feature more ideas than most bands manage in their entire career. Last night's show was no different, with the band using a arsenal of machines and instruments to concoct their sound which sways between post-rock, indie, electronica and post-hardcore. It is hard to pinpoint their sound exactly, mainly due to the fact there is so much going on. Instruments were swapped and genres swept through with apparent ease, the drummer kept his focus throughout, putting in a superb performance. One song, (possibly "Armed To The Teeth") featured the frontman sparring with his drummer on a seperate kit, my only complaint being it didn't last long enough.

Some old favourites were aired too, most notably an early inclusion of "The Beast", but it was closing track "Look At That Cloud" that provided the show-stopping moment. I am a bit of a post-rock veteran, I have lost count how many times I have seen Mogwai, this track is as good as anything I have ever heard. It recieved the biggest cheer of the night and is, quite frankly, stunning.

Next up for Vessels is a prestigious slot at BBC's Maida Vale Studios. It seems they are destined for greater things and the 50 or so people who were there at last night's performance witnessed the start of something special

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