Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Tronic @ 13th Note, Glasgow 16/02-07

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tronic @ 13th Note, Glasgow 16/02-07

A bit of a mixed bag last night at Tronic, although they delivered their promise of the harshest of the harsh sounds, and then some. I missed to first couple of acts, but did catch the last track from Zero Defect. Who are two guys a mic, a laptop and a guitar, said track seemed quite amatuerish to me.

Next up and all the way from Norway was Xentrick, his face-pummeling laptop set, intercepted with cartoonish sound clips made me feel like I had went 12 rounds with Muhammed Ali. He spent the entire set hunched over his Apple Mac lost in his own world of complex rythmns, not realising he had laid waste to the venue and its occupiers. A difficult listen at best and times the beats were discracefully harsh.

Binary Zero injected a bit of passion into his guitar/laptop set. Combining metallic barre chords and IDM beats is a good idea and brought back fond memeories of the under-rated Pitchshifter.

I went to the toilet so I am unsure if it was Strontium or Acrynm that went on next. Whoever it was, his large group of friends were dancing spasmodically to his intenseive beats, but by this point I could take no more and left.

A brave venture for Tronic, but one that didn't quite work. Here's to some nicer sounds at the next installment.

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