Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Points of Interest

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Monday, February 12, 2007

Points of Interest

1. Amazon have a pre-order slot and release date scheduled for Radiohead's 7th album. They are quoting August 6th despite the fact the band are nowhere near finished recording the as-yet untitled album and the fact that they are currently unsigned. There are some rumours that there is a 1-album deal in the pipeline with Warner Brothers, though. Update: Radiohead have since denied this.

2. Jasper TX has a limited 3" Cd-r, titled "Harrisburg", available. In fact, the 75 copies have almost sold out already.

3. The Charles Atlas/Textile Ranch split CDEP is out now via Boomkat or Static Caravan.

4. Winterpark, you may remember, featured on Aerotone's "Electronica Unplugged" compilation. Their debut CD is now available to order here.

5. Rafael Anton Irisarri, A Seattle-based composer, is definitely worth further investigation. Boomkat have given his album, "Daydreaming", album of the week accolades, calling it "...Utterly beautiful and then some". Check out the gorgeous "Lumberton" here.

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At 12 February, 2007, Anonymous graham said...

I need that Rafael Anton Irisarri cd. Anything connected with Miasmah/Deaf Center is always worth a listen.


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