Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: "Welcome, Ghosts" (Live) - Explosions In The Sky

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Welcome, Ghosts" (Live) - Explosions In The Sky

Explosions In The Sky were remarkably chosen to play on the Conan O'Brian show last night, performing "Welcome, Ghosts" in front of an audience of millions. This must be the first time a post-rock band has breached the mainstream.

Anyway, this song (as expected) sounds fantastic live.

Welcomw, Back!


At 22 February, 2007, Anonymous Pete Standing Alone said...

Nice review Micky67, I agree that the new explosions seem to be getting lukewarm reviews at best. For some reason all the music "critics" seem to have an axe to grind when it comes to the post-rock genre these days. Personally, I agree that although this album didn't completely change direction like a la "Kid A" they did tweak their sound just enough by adding the piano and also different drumming to move a small step forward. My favorite album is still Those who tell the truth shall live... . They still kick royal ass in a live setting and I would highly recommend anyone who remotely likes this band to see them live.

The remix album(vinyl only) is really good as well,featuring remixer Jesu, Adem, Four tet, Mountains, the paper chase, and Eluvium who all do an excellent job remixing tracks off this new EITS album.

At 22 February, 2007, Blogger Micky67 said...

I think it's a pretty strong effort overall, each track has some great moments. Live is a different story they have been absolutely spellbinding each time ive seen them

I havent heard the remixes, but might download them as i onlt bought the cd


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