Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Bill Van Loo & J. Schnable

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bill Van Loo & J. Schnable

Superblog/Bible, Opuszine, recommends this collaboartion between two long-term friends, Bill Van Loo and J. Schnable. Released on Van Loo's own Chromedecay Label, "Raindays" sees the duo create 9 compositions of 'electronica with soul', with influences including Richie Hawtin, John Fahey, Tortoise and Derrick May.

Press Release

"Raindays" originated as a side project for both artists - something worked on when time permitted, schedules coincided, and inspiration struck. Sonically, there is a strong correlation between the atmospheric reference in the title and the emotive tonality of the music. Both vivid and introspective, the songs are balanced with an energy that doesn't explode, but blossoms and slowly emerges in unexpected ways.

The title also alludes to time off, free time - time for something different. Thus, here are the fruits of their "rainy day" project. Spanning just over three years, and multiple cities and states, the track titles reflect the tension of distance, time, and the importance of the events and music created in between.

This release was mastered by Joshua Eustis, one half of acclaimed Hefty recording duo Telefon Tel Aviv. It features a clear gatefold sleeve.

"These Dubious Moments" Mp3 : Bill Van Loo & J. Schnable

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At 19 March, 2007, Anonymous Bill Van Loo said...

Thanks for the mention! We're really excited about the record.

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