Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Tips for 2007

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tips for 2007

This is a blatant rip-off, of Brett Spaceman’s article which you can read here. But it’s a great idea. So here are my top tips for 2007. I expect (or hope) each of these bands or artists to make a significant impact this year.

Romance of Young Tigers

This Dayton, Ohio three-piece absolutely blew me away with their self- titled, self-released Ep. They make one incredible sound using just two guitars and one bass. I was inclined to give it a 90% score in this review, with “Long Withdrawing Roar” and “We Sing Sin” being some tremendous compositions. The Ep will be getting a release, via Arclight Communications, on 10” vinyl in 2007. There is an aura of something special surrounding this band. Remember seeing Explosions In The Sky for the first time?, well I reckon this band are in the same catergory. Romance of Young Tigers are destined for very the top.

immanu el

Like Brett Spaceman, I too, reckon 2007 may belong to Sweden’s immanu el. Listen to “Pandahere and tell me it is not one of the most glorious pieces of music you have ever heard. The band are at the final recording stage of the new album, which will be a mix of old and new material. I, for one, hope the band continue exploring those serene, glacial soundscapes. This is THE must have record of 2007.

The Strange Death Of Liberal England

An Ultra-cool name and an ultra-cool sound to boot. The UK may have just found an answer to those pesky Canadians, Arcade Fire. This male and female six piece, also flavour their sound with a cinematic Godspeed sweep. Their debut single is due out soon, watch them explode.


Much like Brett Spaceman (again!!), iLIKETRAINS too. Last year’s “Progress:Reform” Ep hinted at an epic Sigur Ros style sound. But being English, gives this band a certain degree of eccentricity and those brooding vocals blend effortlessly with massive sounding guitars. They have enormous potential, let this band win you over.

Strap The Button

It must be very cool to be a member of Strap The Button. The rule is, there are no rules and anything goes. Post-Rock, Folk, Krautrock, Psychedelia anything and everything, really. God only knows, what they will do next, but one thing is for sure its going to be good.

Our Sleepless Forest

Type Records rarely get it wrong and they seem to have scored another goal by signing this young South-East London three piece. Currently recording their debut for Type, it is taking shape while the band hone their experimental psychedelic/electronic sound into a fine art. This is one of my most anticipated releases of 2007.


Glasgow’s Engine7 has been under the radar for too long. Various releases are available on netlabel’s, but now its time for the music buying public to sit up and take notice. “Me, But Perfect” took 2 years to record, but these efforts have been worth it. The album features inventive beats, lush string arrangements, hazy guitars and filtered vocals, “Me, But Perfect” basically has it all and is set to be one of the most refreshing releases of 2007.

Alexander Tucker

This guy was meant to be nothing more than a mere support act for Bardo Pond a couple of months ago. But, while Bardo Pond were plagued by time and sound issues, ATP artist Alexander Tucker stole the show with his brand of looped guitar effects and operatic vocals. His experiments that night created a massive wall of hypnotic sound. “The absolute negative of Jamie Liddell”, Tucker’s album “Furrowed Sounds” was released last year, but 2007 will be the year the rest of the world will catch on.

Slow Dancing Society

Utterly gorgeous stuff from Washington based producer Drue Sullivan. A stunning collection encompassing Pink Floyd’s ethereal guitars, Explosions In The Sky melodies, shimmering synhts and delicate electronica. Australian label, Hidden Shoal Records, didn’t mess about, signing this guy immediately upon hearing the demo. “The Sound Of Lights When Dim” is inspiring. Full Review to follow.

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