Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Take A Worm For A Walk Week : Self-Titled (Midmarch Records)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Take A Worm For A Walk Week : Self-Titled (Midmarch Records)

This release from Glasgow group, Take A Worm For A Walk Week, is a 'slight' departure from has went on in this site previously. But, I like to think I am an open-minded guy and will give most things a try. The artwork for this CD (a mass of skeletal bodies on a black background) points to a heavy rock direction.

Heavy rock, however, would not do the music here justice. It's ferocious, blistering, menacing and bludgeoning. The group themsleves have been gaining a reputation locally on the Glasgow live circuit and also nationally, supporting the likes of Sikth. Kerrang! and Rock Sound both gave the band excellent reviews recently and the the music on this self-titled release seems to back up this up.

I have to admit to being behind the times when it comes to haevy rock, my own tastes have just moved in a different direction of late. Having said that though, 3 or 4 years ago I would have lapped this album up.

It is a relentless blast of discordant noise that jumps effortlessly between Eyehategod sludge and Dillinger Escape Plan time signatures. In fact, it is the impeccable and complex rythmns that propel this 13 track, 15 minute release above its peers. It barely pauses for breath and it must take a remarkable amount of concentration when playing this stuff live.

The razor-sharp vocals are delivered in the same deranged manner as Jesus Lizard frontman David Yow, possibly even more deranged!. While some of the instrumentation could bludgeon you into submission.

Fans of calm, ambient soundscapes need not apply here, but if you like gutteral roars, impeccable time signtaures and sludgy guitars this is the album for you. What it lacks in length is more than made up for by the outstanding delivery and instrumentation. Order the album here.

Rating = 75%

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