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Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Resonant News

2007, it seems, will be an extremely busy year for the always impressive Resonant Label. They have scheduled 5 releases between now and May. Already out is "Andlaus" by Prince Valium, which is an album of "...epic soundscapes utilising both real instruments and his laptop...". You can find out more here.

The likes of Yellow6 ("Pointed Sky"), Olvis and Stafraenn Hakon ("Gummi")will also be releasing new material soon. A new song from Hakon can be streamed here. "Svefn" discards his tardemark ethereal soundscapes, in favour of a more electronic approach. There are also nine different vocalists used in his new recordings, which should make "Gummi" one of the most interesting releases of 2007. Furthermore, brand new material will be available from new signings, Small Sails. There's not much information available on these guys, but that should change in the coming months.

However, I am most looking forward to new material from Italians Port-Royal which looks set for a late Summer release.

New tracks by Stafraenn Hakon, Olvis, Prince Valium and Yellow6 can be streamed here.

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