Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Message To Bears : "Ep 1" (Self-Released)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Message To Bears : "Ep 1" (Self-Released)

Message To Bears is the work of young and talented musician, Jerome Alexander. Incorporating acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, drums and sampling, he has created a rather gentle and affecting ep here, that nods to both Jose Gonzalez and Eluvium. There are some moments of uplifitng beauty on "Ep 1", whether it is through a simple guitar melody or the introduction of some light drumming. A collection of folky instrumental acoustic tracks, each song contains something that will make you want to go back for more.

"Sparrow" starts this ep and evokes images of a a lonely violinist playing his instrument late at night, in an empty train station. Right from the outset, Alexander shows his talent with this melancholic introduction.

"Found You and You're Safe" shows glimpses of Four Tet production, while the acoustic guitar is beautifully played throughout, in tandem with weaving orechestral sounds. "Good Morning", meanwhile, is more optimistic sounding, with the subtle intertwining guitar overdubs towards the end.

Elsewhere, "Green" seems to benefit from similar lo-fi production, to that of Jose Gonzalez' "Veneer" album. Again the guitar work is expertly performed and not too dissimilar to everyone's favourite Swede, either. Things get a little more interesting around the 2 minute mark, with the intorduction of some velvet-tinged keyboards and more of that sublime orechestration.

"Plane Over Evening Sky" is certainly one of the more memorable pieces here, mainly beacause its melody is just so downright gorgeous. But, of equal importance, is the subtle percussion hand-claps, that propel this song skywards (no pun intended).

With "To Make A Portrait", Alexander wears his Sigur Ros influences on his sleeve. Its a shimmering piano led number that maybe strays too close to the "( )" album, but in the context of this ep, remains compelling stuff.

The sombre melody on "Unfold" might make you feel a little blue, but the only reason for that would be, that it is, sadly, the last track on the ep . I urge you to buy this little gem. Play it when your are walking in the park, reading a book or when you are about to enter into a slumber. Regardless, its gentle guitar work, tiptoeing production and warm orchestral waves, will work its calming magic over you

Rating = 80%



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