Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Kingbastard : "[Bastardize Ep]" (Herb Recordings)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Monday, January 22, 2007

Kingbastard : "[Bastardize Ep]" (Herb Recordings)

2007 is barely one month old, yet it is full steam ahead over at Herb Recordings. Along with Rubens' forthcoming debut, the "[Bastardize Ep]" by Kingbastard represents a busy start for the innovative Scottish label. This Ep is a quick-fix of frenzied beats, effervescent melodies and a lo-fi style production.

A number of tracks here, recall some of Richard D. James' acid-style sounds (especially those Anologue Bubblebath records). Opener "[Tripod]", for example, fearures a dirty melody and some mid-90's style beat production. Ending with a combination of vitriolic beats and a dark theme, ensures this Ep is off to an impressive start.

"[Boxclever]" is probably my favourite track here, it is certainly the most instant. Rapid beats are laced with a lethal melody, that proves to be an intoxicating blend. There is a fantastic middle section, where the beats merge into a triple drill style beat, that is both innovative and appeasing work.

"[Parenthesis]", meanwhile, is a large sounding number thats starts with hisses of static and computer bleeps. A beat soon pushes its way through the digital mass, along with some euphoric synths, that soon develops into a captivating tune.

As the name suggests, "[Data Rape Function Creep]" is a deranged track, thats uses a plethora of bit stream beats, dark drones and eerie sound clips. It vaguely recalls those industrial machine build-up's that Autechre are renowned for.

"[Goodbye Mr Bendigo]" surprisingly changes tact. While the 4 previous tracks are beat-laden and instantly gratifying, this one harks back to some of Kingbastard's work, on the "Run:>Ep". It is a sad sounding collage of cloudy sampled textures and melancholic synths. A perfect reference point here would be Radiohead's "Treefingers" from "Kid A". It's is not as instant, but repeated listens reveal a certain degree of emotion.

Thankfully, it is just a temporary moment and Kingbastard hasn't got all depressed on us. He is soon back with his signature buoyant beats and acidic melodies. The bizrrely titled, "[Got Milk_Duckstomping]", with its upbeat nature, works in perfect contrast to the sad synthscape of "[Goodbye Mr Bendigo]", and ends the Ep on an optimistic note.

The "Bastardize Ep" is a definite progression for Kingbastard. The beats are innovative and the melodies plentiful. There is some terrific work here, most notably "[Box Clever]", "[Goodbye Mr Bendigo]" and "[Data Rape Function Creep]". 2007 could very well be the year of the bastard!.

Rating = 78%

This Ep is available via digital download on February 25th. But, if you are like me and prefer something more tangible, you can get your hands on a special limited edition CD right now. Order it here.

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