Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Engine7 Live @ The Rio Cafe, Glasgow, 17/01/07

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Engine7 Live @ The Rio Cafe, Glasgow, 17/01/07

Engine7 won over an initially indifferent crowd during last night's set at Glasgow's new Rio Cafe. Although the venue is pretty cool, it is much more suited to being a restuarant than a venue for live music. Engine7 faced the daunting prospect of performing to some people who had their backs turned to the stage, due to seating arrangements, while the lighting initally took away the effect of the excellent visuals. It was a challenge that he,gladly, rose to, along with visual manipulators These Are Ideals and (a new addition of) a live bassist.

Firstly, a quick mention about those visuals which ensured my attention was constantly directed towards the stage. The pig in a suit was fantastic, as was the repeating cycle of a ferocious steam train, but the one thing that sticks in my mind was the continued appearece of the words "We Gather Energies..", as it seemed to sum up Engine7's performance. He seemed to gain extra verve as the gig progressed.

The majority of his set encompassed newer material, with no fewer than 5 tracks from forthcoming album "Me, But Perfect", but there was still plenty of scope for some of his older material, which in a live setting is injected with extra passion and, of course, distorted and abused guitar work (sadly no champagne bottle this time)

This performance was part of the Freakscene Electronic Sessions, which are held twice monthly in The Rio Cafe. Kicking off with old favourite, "Blood Nerves America" is always a good idea, with its tense build up, dark melody, scattered beats and obscured vocal sample. Engine7's guitar work (after a few minor sound issues) added extra power to this song and the next few compositions, such as "Glitches".

Of all the new tracks, "Tempertantrum" is my favourite and it is a huge slice of absolute genius, featuring a driving uptempo rythmn and a crazy melody that drills itself right into your head, refusing to leave.

Closing with "Hive Mind", another new track, the Kraftwerk style electro-pop number worked in perfect contrast with the frantic nature of both "Tempertantrum" and the eerie paranoia of penultimate song "Nichts".

It was a triumph over adversity, several problems (bad weather, bad lighting, a not so good music venue, idle chatter at the bar, sound issues) tried to dampen Engine7's spirits, but it was to no avail as he emerged with another glorious victory. No details as of yet when "Me, But Perfect" is due out, but it's a cracker.

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At 26 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Engine 7 will be the next go-to music producer for films, tv, and just about any medium that requires such incredible, emotional, personal music. Long live Engine 7!!


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