Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Top 5 Albums of the Year : Engine7

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Top 5 Albums of the Year : Engine7

Engine7 has been around the Glasgow electronica scene for quite some time now. There are a few ep's dotted aroun the web, such as "Hope Street" which can be downloaded here, and "Panic's First Kiss" which can be obtained here. Praise from the likes of Sigur Ros and Julien Neto was soon followed by his first ever live performance, supporting The Orb. 2007 will see the release of his his first full-length album, "Me, But Perfect". You can read about his performance at Tronic last month here, or read on to find out what music inspired him during the course of 2006.

5. Jóhann Jóhansson - "IBM 1401, A User's Manual" (4ad)

"I've just discovered this one (through the Last Days Best of 2006 Mix), but I realised from the first listen that it's a very special record. Orchestras and computers, magic."

4.Immanu El - "Killerwhale " (Self- Released)

"I hope this band does really well, because they are fabulously talented for such young guys. This is a simple, moving little record that's just so dense with emotion. It's perfect."

3. The Album Leaf - "Into The Blue Again" (Sub Pop)

"Warm instrumental music played on Rhodes, guitar, and strings, withsome pretty good drumming too."

2. Julien Neto - "Le Fumeur De Ciel" (Type)

"This is a thick, richly textured beauty of a record. Julien and Ihave similar influences, but whenever I've asked him about how he gets those sounds, he just says "I don't really like to talk about such things." He's so mysterious."

1.Helios - "Eingya" (Type)

"The most played record in my house, this year. Confidently simple instrumental music played on piano, guitar and lovely electronics. This record just floats."

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