Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Solipsism (Herb Recordings) - Ambient Sound Design

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Solipsism (Herb Recordings) - Ambient Sound Design

Solipsism is the work of Herb Recordings owner Craig Murphy and multi-instrumentalist Ed Drury. The duo's sound continues yesterday's themes (Mosca) of experimental ambient passgaes, with Solipsism's aiming to explore the fusion of electro-acoustic instrumentation with ambient and world music.

"Electricty Flows In Squares" will not see light of day until Spring 2007, ensuring that the mp3 below of "Flying", is ultra-exclusive. Having a multi-instrumentalist in their ranks in Ed Drury, who can play over 60 instruments, has enabled Solipsism to explore a variety of themes. This release, in fact, will be their last in the electronic field for a while, as they strive to venture into the world of ambient and folk music.

Solipsism's sound has been described as "warm and solid blend of intricately layered ambient soundscapes...". You can find out about Solipsism's other experiments in ambient sound design here.

"Flying" mp3 - Solipsism

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At 06 December, 2006, Anonymous Anto said...

Looking forward to this one.

I got in touch with Craig on Last.FM, he is uploading some of the Herb releases so that they are streamable and get on people's radios (but not downloadable, that's your exclusive!)


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