Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Rubens (Herb Recordings) - "Electronic Braindance"

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rubens (Herb Recordings) - "Electronic Braindance"

Rubens have been with Herb Recordings almost from its inception in January of this year. But while Herb has been releasing a plethora of albums, Rubens have been locked away working purposefully on their album.

Rubens is made up of Mark Flanagan (formerly known as ~ism) and Gordan MacDermid and represent another one of Herb's homegrown Scottish talent. Their influences are varied, from the usual (Autechre, Boards Of Canada), through to the less usual (Arovane, Caribou) and the very unusual (Neu!).

Rubens sound places "emphasis on fun filled electronic melodies and a blend of electro and acoustic drum beats", with the primary aim of creating feelgood electronica. Having gained a reputation as remixers, the duo are hoping to hone their live experience bringing in a drummer and bassist

Their forthcoming 10 track album, "Carnivalesque" will not appear utnil next year. So Herb have granted yet another exclusive, this time in the shape of "Blue Bells Burn Slowly". This track has an off-kilter melody and a downtempo beat that gradually becomes more dense as the song progresses.

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