Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Night In Saint-Cloud

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Night In Saint-Cloud

I found Night In Saint-Cloud while browsing through myspace (which is fast becoming a major resource for new music).The first thing that drew me towards this profile, was the intriguing name and the out of focus picture. A quick look at his influences (Epic45, July Skies, Mogwai, Labradford and Yellow 6) confirmed that I was going to enjoy the music on offer. The music here recalls Epic45 at their most melancholic, while Yellow6 influences certainly can be heard, in the haunting "No Hope On Crossway".

A Night In Saint-Cloud has been making music for 12 years, but it is only now that some of the compositions are there for all to hear. Heavily influenced by his Southeast London surroundings, I imagine "Coldstream" would have been the soundtrack to Bladerunner, has it been set in London 2006, instead of Los Angeles 2025.

A Night In Saint-Cloud is influenced by "Summer afternoons, Autumn mornings and late Winter nights. His music certainly conveys the solace that can be found during these times of year

"No Hope On Crossway" mp3 - A Night In Saint-Cloud



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