Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Bit|Bin (Herb Recordings)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Friday, December 01, 2006

Bit|Bin (Herb Recordings)

Due to last weeks bad weather here in Glasgow, I was unable to connect to the web and keep up those regular Herb Recordings mp3's. Instead, I posted a video of one of their earlier releases, BitBin. Thankfully, some good has came from thsoe storms, as Herb have kindly donated another mp3, in the form of "May" by BitBin.

BitBin is a London based artist and had his "Alias" ep released by Herb earlier this year. He influences are both broad, and for and electronic producer, quite unusual. The likes of Brian Eno, Bola and Warp Records, sit side by side with Brian Wilson, Captain Beefheart and dEUS. His bio may explain a few things, as BitBin claims he is all about "glitching his way through any field of music and reality"

"May" itself is an expansive and dark slice of electronica reminiscent of Bola and Gescom. For me, however, this is akin to the music Thom Yorke has been pushing Radiohead towards over the last few years. The beats echo those of "Idioteque", and believe, me that is no bad thing.

The "Alias" ep can be ordered here, however, the cd release will feature 3 extra tracks, "making it, one longer trip". An interview and podcast with BitBin can be obtained here, while you can check his myspace too.

"May" mp3 - BitBin

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