Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Alexander Tucker and Phon°noir News

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Alexander Tucker and Phon°noir News

Alexander Tucker

You may remember this live review from a couple of weeks ago, where ATP artist Alexander Tucker put on a rather jaw-dropping one man performance. Well, you can now get his album, "Furrowed Sounds", from those innovators of leftfield sounds, Warp Records.

This is what they think of it.....

"Alexander Tucker is a very special guy, a solo artist who builds his music on guitar and tape loops, noises, his voice, and the occasional additional instrumentation, such as piano and violin. He's almost like the absolute negative of Jamie Lidell, working through a solitary music that takes with it Pentangle style folk, black doom metal and a guitar style close to someone like John Fahey's minor key mystery, but with the additional factor that he builds his tracks with vortex-like layers of guitar and whatever comes out of it. The tracks on here run on beautiful desolation, tracks growing thick with weight as they loop up and down and creating a dark tension. The guitar melodies and vocal style pitched somewhere between folk and early Metallica style melodies. This is an outstanding album, with a single minded way of creating music that works exceptionally well".

Its also worth mentioning that Warp also have a slew of other releases and reissues, including the likes of Fennesz' "Endless Summer" and an exclusive mix album by Susumu Yokota.


Elsewhere, Berlin-based musician Matthias Grübel has taken time out from his Phon°noir project, to record with Joerg Albrecht as Phonofix. Their myspace site is completely in German, but It seems to be some sort of spoken word/sound/film collaboration. The results can be seen here. Over the next few days, Matthias will be revealing his top 5 albums of 2006 on this site.

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