Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: O Rosa Records

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Friday, November 10, 2006

O Rosa Records

Again this will have to be a brief post, still struggling to come to terms with foreign computers. Anyway, I would like to to point you in the direction of the Yndi Halda owned O Rosa Records. It has just recently opened its doors.

The Yndi lads have particular interest in folk music and "non western" textures, so it should make some interesting releases. One of the most promising is Whip's "R Mutt's Blues", which is availible for pre-order

O Rosa has this to say about it...

"many will recognise the name Whip. Whip is Jason Merritt, of Resonant Records, who produced the stunning atheist love songs for god in 2003. Whip is also Jason Merritt, of the seminal Timesbold, and is almost solely responsible for their heartbreaking and gentle folk. Whip is songs that were written by Jason whose intimacy deserves just (delicate) guitar and (cracked) voice more than they would a full-band arrangement with drums, and R. Mutt's Blues is just full of those songs.."

Sounds good? you may have to act fast, its limited to just 500 copies.

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