Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: A Lucky Pilot - "A Lucky Pilot" (Self Released)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Lucky Pilot - "A Lucky Pilot" (Self Released)

A Lucky Pilot's 8 track release was recorded with some friends, apparently using very cheap materials. But that is a very unfair assessment of this short album from the Parisian musician, as it runs like a film score and features some truly stunning violin work and interesting guitar textures.

Opening with "A Noise In My Head", a song I have been familiar with for some time now, lo-fi beat programming is merged with carefully plucked guitar work, to create a hazy and chilled melody and a very pleasant start to proeceedings.

But it is on tracks such as "It's To Far Away" that A Lucky Pilot truly shines. This track is notable as it features a chord progression and melancholic piano similar to Radiohead. The violin ensures this piece becomes cinematic and rather beautiful, the way only Parisian's know how to make music.

"Slow Motion (Take 2)" combines medieval sounding acoustic guitar and horror film organ instrumentation and is also noticeable for the first real vocal arrangements. These vocals are rich and vibrant.

The album seems to get stronger as it progresses, "Rhode Island" again brings to mind those Radiohead comparsions. But this time it's through the unusual guitar chord structures, akin to that of Jonny Greenwood. This track builds purposefully with piano and a smattering of discordant electronic noises added throughout. A definite highlight.

"Next One" uses beautiful guitars, not unlike "House Of The Rising Sun" before veering into "Virgin Suicides"era Air. I can imagine this being a perfect soundtrack for the thousands of French bistro's in Paris. The vocals here are tremndous and help to elevate "Next One" to the standout track of the album.

Finishing with "Platform", A Lucky Pilot uses jazz influenced drum rythmns and bounces it off a thumping bassline as a distorted guitar takes the lead, again its invigorating stuff.

A Lucky Pilot proves there is just so much great music out there. It saddens me to think, most of it will go unheard and I will only hear a tiny fraction of it. I am glad A Lucky Pilot has become part of that tiny fraction. You can listen here to and order the album here.

I recommend "Next One" especially which can be heard right here. It is also worth noting that A Lucky Pilot has worked with the influential Steve Albini with his band Lust, whose album is due out soon.



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