Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Kingbastard (Herb)- Ambient Electronica/ Infectious IDM

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kingbastard (Herb)- Ambient Electronica/ Infectious IDM

For this installment of the Herb Recordings mp3's, we will turn our attention to one of the more recent releases. Kingbastard's "[run:>ep]" was only released last month and is described by its composer as "a mix of easy and uneasy listening". You will be able to listen for yourself at such a contrasting sound, with the mp3 of "My Other Child Is A Robot", which is the last track on the ep.

Stylisitically, Kingbastard references Planet-Mu and Warp Records, while he also claims Radiohead and Bob Dylan are major influences. However, more tellingly, is his appreciation of the late John Peel's radio shows. Avid listeners of Peel's shows will know the music aired was certainly interesting, always taking some unexpected turns. Kingbastard's music, maybe unintentionally, mirrors what went on on the Peel show.

Kingbastard also seems to be an advocate of file-sharing as there plenty of downloading oppurtunities at his
website. There is also an in-depth interview and a podcast here.

Again its probably best to get it form the horses mouth, or at least from his very interesting biography..

"Kingbastard is a composer/producer with a diverse range of musical styles and tastes. Born under the sign of the Bastard he is rarely seen, choosing to hide away in his bastard-cave delving into the realms of Experimental Electronic ambient music and infectious IDM surfacing once every few days to create alternative acoustic tracks and gather essential supplies". Order the "[run:>ep]"

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