Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Cheju (Herb Recordings) - Broken Beats/Atmospheric Textures

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Monday, November 27, 2006

Cheju (Herb Recordings) - Broken Beats/Atmospheric Textures

Cheju can probably take at least 50% of the credit for getting me into the Herb Recordings sound. One of my friends can take the other 50%, because it was he who played me Cheju's fantatsic "Mixed Herbs" compilation one night over a few beers.
This mix is the latest in an on-going series over at Herb, and features the cream of their crop. It can be downloaded here and is a must-have.

But to Cheju himself. Otherwise known as Will Bolton, the co-founder of Boltfish Records, Cheju has had a number of releases on various labels in the past. Now it is the turn of Herb Recordings, who have his "Mechanics of Failure" ep available at itunes.

Cheju's music is a blend of crystal clear beats and some very melodic synths. However, he also retains an experimental edge, that will please fans of the, sadly defunct, Neo Ouija label, in particular Seven Ark. I am glad to be able to bring you an exclusive mp3 of "Spools". Enjoy

"Spools" mp3 - Cheju

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