Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Talk Less, Say More : "Meisha's Morning" (Good Name For A Racehorse)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Talk Less, Say More : "Meisha's Morning" (Good Name For A Racehorse)

Having reviewed The Butterfly's genre-defying "Impatient Orchid" Ep recently, I was intrigued to find out guitarist Jell also has a solo project, using the name Talk Less, Say More. He has released a few albums under this moniker, with the most recent being "Meisha's Morning".

Again released by the excellent Good Name For A Racehorse Reccords, "Meisha's Morning", is one of the most interesting releases this year. Apparently influenced by factors including "weather and seasons" and "private conversations in public places", Talk Less, Say More combines all the great elements of electronic music and creates something truly special.

Opening proceedings with the short "Dawn Breaking Stained Glass (ii)" , a glacial organ can be heard piericing through the speakers as if it was recorded in a huge cathedral.

This track soon evaporates into the stunning "Excuses, Excuses" which , for the first time, features the beautiful vocals of Erika Jones. This track starts with folkish guitar picking and harmonious singing, before it takes an unexpected turn with cut-up beats taking over. The vocals and guitar soon gracefully return and are married with the programmed beats to produce something highly original.

The serene "Aurora Boreilis" and the Four Tet inspired "What We Might Become" follows before the title-track, the cinematic, "Meisha's Morning" starts with Disney film inspired harpsichord and is soon combined, again, with inventive drum patterns.

Elsewhere, "Spring Summer Autumn Winter Spring" veers into mid 90's trip-hop territory and again contains those beautiful vocals that really shine throughout the tranquil melody. One of the great elements of this album is its diversity and inventiveness. "Oh Well (Finished For The Last Time)" uses cut-up electronics and soon explodes into Aphex Twin style madness. While the longest track on the album "Tell Me A True Story" unfolds slowly and features those haunting vocals courtesy of Jones and very interesting use of a horn section towards the end.

The next two tracks, the hip-hop influenced guitar interlude "Can A Man Change A Woman" and the mysterious "Meisha's Caprice" tide things over until album closer ,the optimistic ,"The Birds On Her Shoulders".

"The Birds..." returns to the cathedral theme of the opening track with droning organ sounds and uses operatic vocals to create this four minute mini-epic. Its a perfect finish to the album as it incorporates most of the elements that make up the rest of the tracks, ending with glorious church bells.

Its yet another stunning release from Good Name For A Racehorse, which is fast becoming one of the best (and most innovative) independent labels in the UK. Listen to Talk Less Say More here, while you can order the album for a mere £5 here. Follow this link for an alternative review.


At 03 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How lovely of you to say so! A track from this is going to be played on Mixing It on Radio 3 this Friday, so listen in should you wish!

Dave (GNfaR)


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