Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Hurra Caine Landcrash : "Takuma/ Fields That Speak" (Noground)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hurra Caine Landcrash : "Takuma/ Fields That Speak" (Noground)

Hurra Caine Landcrash (HL) is the musical project of UK based film producer Dan Hopkins. As a film-maker, Hopkins has produced notable works such as promo videos for bands like The Telescopes, Epic45 (a video I posted here a couple of weeks ago), Fuxa and ,the sadly defunct, Mountain Men Anonymous.

His current film, "Fields That Speak", is Hopkins' attempt to portray the natural movements of land. Influenced by the place he grew up in, "Fields That Speak" is a short film of static and slow-moving shots featuring the fields of Somerset. This is also soundtracked to Hopkins' own music, which is released as the "Takuma" ep.

Now I don't claim to be an expert in film, I know very little about it in fact. If you go here, though, you can view "Fields That Speak" and form your own opinions. I am more interested in the musical side of things.

First off, "Takuma" is a beautiully packaged 3" CD/DVD containing both the music and the actual film, as well as a slew of extras. It is also released on his own record label, No Ground Processes. To say that he is a busy man, would be an understatement!.

"Takuma" is named in tribute to the Formula 1 driver, Takuma Sato, who is famed for his chaotic performances, spectacular mistakes and shambolic driving team. Recorded over a 12 month period, the music is designed to reflect what is going on in the film. It is sparse and minimal, on occasions its barely audible, but admist all the restraint there is a deep sense of comfort and tranqulity.

Themes of isolation may be prevalent going by titles such as "Your Ghost Still Haunts Me" and "Nowhere But Here", while the music reminds of Pan American or Labradford at their most bare and stripped down.

I would say that Epic45's recent "Drakelow" ep is a good refernce point on this release too. "Takuma" shares the same restraint and experimentation, especially in the heartbeat drum patterns featured in opener "Twenty Years".

Indecipherable vocals can be heard in both "Twenty Years" and"Your Ghost Still Haunts Me". However, they are mixed so far back that it gives you a quite uneasy feeling of someone that is trapped.

The four tracks, spanning just over 20 minutes drift by much like the wind cutting thorugh the fields in the film, making "Takuma" strangely intoxicating. "Nowhere But Here" features muffled beats, some drones and not much else, yet it kept me listening all the way through and I found myself thoroughly enjoying the experience too.

"Takuma" is seriously ambient and very slow textured. In fact, it is so minimal that if you breathe too loudly you may miss some of the alluring aspects that make the music here enjoyable. This one is highly reommended for fans of Brian Eno, Pan American, Epic45's more introspective moments or William Voigt's work as Gas.

Listen to the music and view "Fields That Speak" here, while visit his website for downloads here. His Noground imprint can be found here, while further reading on his film ouput can be found in this article.


At 20 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you are even slightly interested in what this music may sound like...i urge you to investigate more. go to and buy it from there. it is fantastic !! it's only £4 if i remember correctly, and well, well worth it!
just in case you are wondering...i am not HL, or any member of his family or friends...just an avid music fan.
buy this ep.
you wont regret it one bit!

At 20 October, 2006, Blogger Micky67 said...

I too can vouch for this. It si just that little bit different from most other artists and there is a real sense of attention to detail to both the film and the music


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