Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Damien Rice : "Older Chests"

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Damien Rice : "Older Chests"

I have been very slow to realise this, but Damien Rice will release the follow up to his amazing "O" debut in a couple of weeks time. "9" will be released on November 6 in the UK (14th in the USA) , over four years since his debut was released, it will come out on his own Heffa record label.

I've been very slow to get into Damien Rice most of his career, actually. It wasn't until 2004 that I heard "O" for the first time, since I am not really the biggest fan of singer/songwriters. However, as soon as I heard the album, I quickly realised that this was a special release.

Of course, his music was made famous after being featured prominently on the soundtrack to the film "Closer", as well as appearing on "ER", "Lost" and even "CSI", but you cannot help being swept away by the beautful music contained on "O".

I have played songs such as "Cold Water" and "The Blowers Daughter" to death. In fact they have almost lost all emotional impact because of this. That's why I have posted a video of "Older Chests", this song has really grew on me over the last two years or so to become my favourite on the album.

I am really looking foward to the next album, hopefully you will be able to sample some tracks here soon, while the full tracklising can be found here. For the moment, though, enjoy a live performance of "Older Chests" in the video above


At 07 November, 2006, Anonymous Gene said...

Damien Rice is a genious!! Great mood music and heart felt!! The first time I heard and seen him was on Austin City Limits about a year ago and I was blown away. He puts me in the same mind frame as the late great Jeff Buckley. Simply astonishing!!!


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