Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Adrian Klumpes (Leaf)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Monday, October 16, 2006

Adrian Klumpes (Leaf)

Adrian Klumpes may be better known to some as a member of Australian experimentalists Triosk and Pivot. However, he focuses on his own compositions for his debut solo album,"Be Still", to be released by The Leaf Label on October 23rd.

Sydney native, Klumpes, is a classically trained pianist that is influenced by jazz, improv and electronic music. Although it is his debut solo effort, this will be the 5th production of an album he has been involved with. He has three releases between his bands (2 for Triosk and 1 for Pivot) and also collaborated with German pioneer Jan Jelinek.

Such an expansive body of work has allowed Klumpes to record "Be Still" in one 5-hour recording session in Sydney. Klumpes creates piano based compositions that are both premeditated and spontaneous. This sophisticated approach has enabled him to explore the combination of proccesed and live piano pieces.

The album is built around the epic 10 minute "Unrest", but it is pieces such as title track "Be Still" where Klumpes truly excels. This composition features a sorrowful, contemplative piano line, that is slowly reverbed and repeated. Strangely alluring, it evokes images of driving across a rainswept landscape. This track can be sampled at myspace or downloaded at his website.

"Weave In, Weave Out" (mp3 below) is an apt name for this track, it features a shimmering piano tone, that continually overlaps, becoming more dominant with each passing second. It's glitchy and experimental, but easily portrays Klumpes' talents.

"Be Still" ,as a whole, is testament to the dearth of talent Leaf has at its disposal. It is released on October 23rd andproves Leaf is a highly eclectic label always looking to innovate at every oppurtunity. This album can be bought at PostEverything. If you spend over £20, you may be lucky enough to recieve one of the limited copies of the "Check The Water" compilation , 29 tracks spanning from Leaf's inception to present day. More of Klumpes' work can be streamed here.


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