Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Yellow6

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Monday, September 18, 2006


Last week I decided to splurge on some album's. I bought a few I had downloaded a couple of years ago and liked, but I also bought some records from artists I hadn't really paid attention to much. One of the stand-out purchases was Yellow6' "Disappear Here", which was released way back in 2003.

I'm a big Epic45 fan and Yellow6 is part of the same Make Mine Music Collective, so this name was quite familiar to me, but his music wasn't. Yellow6 is Leicestershire based guitar experimentalist Jon Attwood. After serving his musical apprenticeship in punk bands throughout the 80's, Attwood has since progressed to making mesmeric ambient soundscapes. He uses "samples, programmed beats, reverb and a large improvisational element" to create his ethereal sound.

Attwood is also well-known for remixing duties having worked with the likes of Glider and Tristeza. It also might be worth noting the sheer volume of Yellow6 releases too, I lost count at 40.

I bought "Disappear Here" for a meagre £3 from Make Mine Music and it is one of the most instantly striking ambient releases I have ever heard. It may be the frame of mind I am in at the moment, but all I can say is I have listened to this non-stop since receiving it on Friday.

Some of the best moments occur early on in the album, such as "Chrysler", which features a solemn, but reverbed, piano playing through a trance-inducing melody. It is both sparse and beautiful.

"Cycle" adds soft beats to the layers of sound, while a relaxing guitar arrangement provides a soothing atmosphere. Each song contains a repetitive structure, helping to create the album's amazing ambiance.

The whole album is painstakingly crafted from start to finish, with every effort made to make sure each note is perfected. I urge you to buy this album here, and get invovled with its echoed synths, pulsing drum patterns and dreamlike guitars. Anybody who enjoys listening to the likes of Labradford or Marconi Union, will find Yellow6 immediately appealing.

Or stream some tracks at myspace, or even take advantage of the generous amount of free mp3's at Yellow6's website. Check out thew other artists involved with the Make Mine Music Collective.


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