Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: "Svenskt" - Big Scary Monsters

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Friday, September 15, 2006

"Svenskt" - Big Scary Monsters

Big Scary Monsters, has in the past, proved that it is an independent record label well ahead of its time. Not only have they released music by the critically acclaimed Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, they also have post-rock prodigy's Yndi Halda signed and ready to deliver their much anticipated Ep.

So with all that being the case, the 16th of October should be clearly marked in you diary in huge red marker pen. This date should be commited to memory, as it is the day BSM unleashes its ambitious "Svenskt" project

"Svenskt" is a compilation geared to celebrate the sheer quality and depth of the music coming out of Sweden right now. Some names involved might be known to you. Jeniferver, for example, have being creating quite a buzz recently, as have Ef. Some other's may be more obscure.

However, pop over to the "Svenskt" myspace site and stream some music. One highlight includes the excellent Audrey. This band are completely new to me, but the all female quartet impress with their lulling chamber pop sound.

Meanwhile, Logh are a band well-known and cherished in their native country. Reminiscent of Pavement this six-piece were formed in 1998 are a now on the roster of ultra-experimental label Hydra Head.

Considering that the serene Swedes, immanu el, are not even included on this compilation, the 18 tracks must be of the highest quality. As BSM themsleves state, "There are many, many others deserving of your time and ears". They have basically crammed the CD full to the brim of quality Swedish sounds.

Musically, Sweden may just about to become the new Canada and Big Scary Monsters are going to be at the forefront of the Scandinavian revolution. You can join this by pre-ordering "Svenskt" here, for a paltry £7. The first 25 people will recieve an "I Love Sweden" badge too.


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