Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Scottish Guitar Army #2

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Monday, September 25, 2006

Scottish Guitar Army #2

I must register a complaint to the Glasgow City Council, there is no way Mogwai should have been allowed to play "Glasgow Megasnake", "Helicon 1" and "Ratts of The Capital" in such close proximity in the setlist. I have finally discovered why my eardrums are no more!! .Here is the setlist in full, form Mogwai's Glasgow gig on Saturday:
Friend Of The Night
Killing All The Flies
I Know You Are But What Am I?
Acid Food
Glasgow Mega Snake
Helicon 1
Ratts Of The Capital
2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
We're No Here
Hunted By A Freak
Mogwai Fear Satan

Futhermore, there is a full set to download, from their Leicester gig at The Trader's Den. It has a completely different setlist to the Glasgow gig and features new track "Black Spider" as well as some older favourites "CODY" and "Xmas Steps".

Here is what some punters had to say of the Leicester gig.

"opening with "Xmas Steps" - don't get to see that often- the stereo delay during "I Know You Are...", which yes does show up on this tape- drifting off slightly during "Fear Satan", which meant that the kick that I'm normally watching for knocked me out of my fucking skin."

I also aquired the nifty t-shirt pictured above from Rock Action Records.


At 26 September, 2006, Blogger iworkatinitech said...

I got that one too! I also have the crest t-shirt! I like the top gun one too!!!


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