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Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Good Name For A Racehorse Collective

Goodname For A Racehorse is a Nottingham, UK based record label that is "commited to developing progressive minded music of all styles to the best of its abilities"

They incessantly produce CD-R's and promote shows, events and club nights, with the proceeds being pumped straight back into the label to cover running costs.

Fiercely independent, their aim is to promote younger bands who are often criminally overlooked. Their prices range from a paltry £1 to a maximum of £5 for each release, with DIY attention and care the order of the day. The label has a myriad of excellent artists on their roster:

Strap The Button

"Strap The Button hail from just over the Welsh border and have been self-releasing music for a good couple of years now. When we first saw them live, they played a set that sounded not a lot unlike The Coral being buggered by Comets on Fire. Then we bought some of their EPs, which we won’t even attempt to describe. And then they did a 25 minute noise set with radios, a bowed bass, a theremin, circuit bent keyboards and broken cymbals at a battle of the bands.

As all that suggests, trying to describe their music isn’t the easiest of tasks. No two releases sound the same; but they’re all grounded in psychedelic space-rock. From there, they explore all kinds of territories: drones, improve and the good old fashioned pop song. Fans of Acid Mother’s Temple, Jackie O-Motherfucker, Green Milk From The Planet Orange or Amon Duul II are encouraged to investigate further but to limit their music to such comparisons is to do them a considerable disservice".

The Butterfly

"Bombastic, subversive and unashamedly brainy songs that would fill stadiums in a universe where irony has been reclaimed from the dumb and daytime TV consists of chat-shows about Nietzsche, Freud and deconstruction.

The Butterfly say they're "too heavy for indie kids and were way too weird and strange for the metal crowd". Good. We hate indie kids and metal crowds."

Talk Less, Say More

"Talk Less, Say More is the alter-ego of Matthew Jennings, who contributes synths and guitars to avant-rockers The Butterfly. Talk Less, Say More’s music is lovingly crafted from a variety of synths, samples, loops and voices.

Though the style changes from release to release, the genius and beauty is consistent.
If you wanted to genrefy his music, you could call him prog-hop or post-trip-hop, but that’d make you look a bit of a twat".

The Exploits Of Elaine

"Instrumental adventurers extraordinnaire set to move into unchartered waters with forthcoming album. Beginning life creating pocked sized post-rock, Exploits have self-released three crtically acclaimed EP's. Now delving into Kraut, Folk, Doom, Jazz and Improv territories".

The Good Anna

"Free improv duo making quite a name for themselves. They utilise guitar, sax, electronics, zither, drums, knives, forks and all kinds of homemade instruments. Good, clean, wholesome fun".

Erik Heath

" Mr Heath owns an Ondes Martenot. This makes us very jealous of him. But We Love him nonetheless and are delighted that he's making a mini-album of haunting, delicate and very beautiful music. Fans of Basinski, The Dead Texan and Yann Tiersen should like this".


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