Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Cælum : "This Guitar Ep" (Camomille Music)

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cælum : "This Guitar Ep" (Camomille Music)

Internet radio is something I have generally avoided for the most part. However, when the fancy takes me I enjoy listening to Static Beats, which caters for the large electronic market around the globe. I have heard many great artists on this site, most notably Bitstream and Seven Ark.

While doing some blogging activities recently, I stumbled across a new station. I let Systrum Sistum run while I got on with my work and soon found myself enjoying the tunes. A quick check at the recent playlist presented me with a problem. I had never heard of anyone on it!.

One of the most striking tracks on that playlist was "Utrop" by Swedish-based musician Cælum. In fact I enjoyed it that much that I went online to find out more about this obscure artist. I found that Cælum's "This Guitar Ep" was availible to download for free via netlabel Camomille Music. They describe this release as "textural guitar playing, dark and nostalgic ambiances, crisp sound design and an overlaying feeling of mysticism...". I decided this sounded pretty excellent and downloaded it.

Although very short (under 12 minutes) this ep has left a distinct impression on me, to the extent that I am now posting on it. "This Guitar Ep" brings together beautiful guitar playing, Four-Tet style programming and the air of an Ennio Morricone soundtrack. In fact, I imagine this ep would be ideal to score some sort of futuristic cowboy film.

For example, on opener "Spaghetti", Cælum uses echoed acoustic guitars, that build slowly but with a tad of urgency about them. It sounds like music that would precede a shootout between two gunslingers. It has an excellent aura of anticipation, excitement and tension.

Next track, "Sunday Morning", changes tact slightly. Although the filtered acoustic notes are still present, a Four Tet style beat starts to emerge and takes the track on a different tangent, as guitars are looped fowards and backwards.

"Saturday Morning", meanwhile, is more sombre sounding, again using delayed guitar work, that is almost flamenco sounding. A stuttering drum pattern is added, along with wind sounds , that heighten the atmosphere.

The final track, is the aforementioned, "Utrop". A brief and beautiful piece that uses a treated acoustic guitar, that gradually distorts as the song progresses, finally ending in a midst of computer bleeps and static.

Cælum, is yet further proof of the rich and diverse nature of the music coming out of Sweden right now. It also provides concrete evidence of the quality of music availible to download for free on netlabel's dotted around the net.

Stream "This Guitar Ep" here, while download it here. In addition, check out Cælum's very own netlabel White Noise too.


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