Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Bands You Really Should Listen To - Part 2

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bands You Really Should Listen To - Part 2


Malysz are yet another quality acts from the prolific Sweden, that have being creating largely instrumental music since 2001. They seem to have an ever-revolving line-up, while work commitments have tied them down and hindered their progress. However, things seem to be settling down now, and the band are promisimg to get their act together and record some new material. That is not to say, though, you should not check out their older material. Tours with bands such as Ef and The Domus have helped hone the band into a very tight instrumental act.

The bizarre tittes of their songs may point to the fact that they do not take themsleves too seriously, but the quality of the music suggests otherwise. "All That Matters Is Not To Get Laid" contains intertwining guitar melodies that unravel before exploding into a huge crescendo of noise. They have a definite Explosions In The Sky influence (but then what instrumental band doesn't?), but they are far from being deriviative.

Instruments such as violins are used on tracks such as, the 10 minute epic, "What Privleges, The Philistines", showing a band willing to branch out into new territories.

If anyone fondly remembers, UK underground act. Bob Tilton, then you will find a lot to like on "Take Your Eyes Of Me, Jeremy Bentham", which uses off-kilter chords and time signatures before combining it with brass instruments in a rather nice chorus segment.

You can download some tracks from their myspace site, and also from their website. The band have also kindly donated an mp3 below. Follow the link for part 1 of this series.


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